Current Projects

Current project :

Distribution, Habitat, and food preferences assessment as conservation issue of three pangolins species in Deng-Deng National Park (DDNP) and Mpem et Dim National park

Funding source: Co-funded Rufford Small Grant /Pangolin Consortium Grant
Start Date: September 18, 2018
End Date:  September 1, 2020
Project leader: Difouo Fopa Ghislain

Project summary

Pangolin species found in Cameroon (Giant pangolin, White-bellied pangolin, and Black-bellied pangolin) are threatened mainly due to the poaching for the supply of international trade in scales for traditional Asian remedies. Habitat loss and fragmentation are additional threats. In this project, we will attempt to fill the gap knowledge of the food and habitat preferences of pangolins species found in the forest savannah transition zone in two national Parks. We will get into the seasonal variation ants and termite species in the various habitats as potential food resources for pangolins; identify the species involved in the pangolins diet composition based on stomach and dung content analysis, and compare it to the assemblage of insect prey collected in their potential habitats. We will seasonally collect and analyze data from camera traps in order to confirm the pangolin species presence in the various habitats of the park in a distribution map.

Major Outcome:
This project will reveal for these species various ecological information which is not yet known but very important for their conservation actions. This study will give the distribution of three pangolins species and identify habitats with relevant parameters such as insect prey satisfying their feeding ecology where pangolins could be released during the rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction programs in this park. The results of this work will provide data on the diet, habitat, and distribution of the three pangolins species in two protected areas of Cameroon.