Our Team

Roger Bruno Tabue Mbobda, PhD President of the Board

Forest Engineer, Ecologist-Conservation biologist
Tel: (+237) 675053203/696578682
Email: tabueroger@yahoo.fr Skype: seigneurtarob

Dynamic and bilingual, driven by a real passion and a firm dignity. Has a good command of scientific research, management of protected areas and management of conservation projects and programs. Capable of undertaking personal or group projects on scientific works, research, and development. Capable of managing public and private structures and simultaneously providing increasing profitability. He is a young professional resolutely committed to bringing an exceptional and daunting contribution to the field of biodiversity conservation science in Africa, more specifically by fostering strong innovation in the management of protected areas.

Phanuela Djanteng Seme, PhD Executive Secretary

Environmentalist, Environmental management
Tel: (+237) 676 678 069 / 695 834 646
Email: djaphanuelle@yahoo.fr

CHIMI DJOMO Cédric, PhD Program Coordinator

Tel: (+237) 676 50 71 17 / 696 68 56 38
Email: chimicedric10@yahoo.fr

My scientific interests and expertise is in the ecology of agroforestry and forest ecosystems especially on diversity and biodiversity conservation, wood density, biomass and forest carbon stock evaluation, policies to reduce the effects of climate change and REDD + pilot projects. Biostatistician, mastery of statistical analysis software.

ZEKENG Jules Christian, PhD Student Assistant Program Coordinator

Tel.: (00237) 675 34 38 30; 697 75 42 44.
Email: juleschris006@yahoo.fr
Skype: jzekeng86

Forest ecosystems and the services they produce are of particular interest in human life. Thus, my goal is to contribute not only to the evaluation of ecosystem services but also to the conservation of these ecosystems. To do this, I have and I continue to develop skills on several topics namely: the evaluation and monitoring of carbon stocks and their contribution to the mitigation of climate change, the use of GIS and remote sensing in the monitoring of forest degradation and deforestation.

Simo Talla Franklin, PhD Candidate Project Manager

Tel.: (+237) 675 24 71 51; 695 50 00 40.
Email: franklinsimo77@gmail.com

I am an early-career conservation biologist who worked as a volunteer and consultant for several conservation institutions in Cameroon. I have good experience in wildlife camera trapping, biodiversity surveys, field research, community-based conservation, illegal wildlife trade. I have good fundraising skills and proven record in fundraising, strong research, and analytical skills with some published articles and reports.

Difouo Fopa Ghislain, PhD Candidate Project Manager

Tel.: (+237) 671 19 81 73; 694 19 40 23.
Email: ghislainfopa49@gmail.com

I am an early-career conservation biologist who worked in collaboration with several organizations and institutions. I have good experience in apply ecology, biodiversity surveys, community-based conservation and development fieldwork, illegal wildlife trade. I have good skills in fundraising for small to large projects. I have implemented numerous projects with a proven record of reports and articles.